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Various - Test Pilot Vol. 2 (Viewlexx 027)

Various - Test Pilot Vol. 2 (Viewlexx 027)


From Juno Plus;

"How's this for a belated follow-up? Amazingly, Viewlexx's first Test Pilot 12" dropped way back in 1996, a time when label boss I.F had yet to make his mark. Happily, it was worth the wait, with this second volume featuring four killer tracks. Panama Brown's "Theme From Panama Racing Club" kicks things off, delivering a sharp, melodious, synth-heavy jam that sounds like a cross between classic I-F material and vintage Human League. Tandy Ogmo's "Everybody" - long a staple in I.F's sets - is a tongue-in-cheek Italo-disco delight, while Roberto Auser's "The Force" is a woozy, throbbing, synth-heavy new wave chugger. Finally, Gesolten Cirkel lulls us into a false sense of security with some becalmed intergalactic chords, before going in hard with ragging acid lines and metronomic rhythms."

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