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Various - Nagasaki Nightriders (Creme 12-26)

Various - Nagasaki Nightriders (Creme 12-26)


In the early 20th century large parts of southeast Japan were terrorized by mysterious gangs of highwaymen. These robbers called themselves the Nagasaki Nightriders and were the subject of many legends. At sunset rich industrials and landowners locked their doors and waited in fear. With an amazing speed the Nightriders attacked and ransacked their targets. Their incredible pace made people suspect they were in league with the devil. Named after a medieval legend, the Nightriders were supposed to fly through the sky on glowing he-goats. Mysterious 5 track death electro & fear acid compilation featuring Rude 66, Cosmic Force, Orgue Electronique, Beta Evers and Composite Profuse. Last copies.

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