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Torn Hawk ‎– Bad Deadlift EP (LIES 037)

Torn Hawk ‎– Bad Deadlift EP (LIES 037)


Found some copies of these hiding in the warehouse, so be fast!

After his epic split with Black Deer, Torn Hawk comes back with a proper four track 12 inch, opening with an almost balearic/tropical, someone put something in my drink and i'm melting house cut. 
Trapdoor returns to Wyatt's skewed after school special ADD Cali-speed freak bastard child drum machine/guitar lush not lushness. We get more end-titles on the b-side, as both songs could be the soundtracks for a night hanging in a parking lot drinking boxed wine and snorting Ajax while auxilary police circle, threatening to harsh your mellow...good times to say the least.

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