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The Exaltics - They Arrive EP (Swirly Vinyl) (Creme Eclipse 10)

The Exaltics - They Arrive EP (Swirly Vinyl) (Creme Eclipse 10)


Here we have something fairly unique, a few copies came out in the mix during the press between black and white vinyl to form a beautiful swirly mess. Only a handful of these in existence and we're keeping one or two for ourselves for sure! The normal press sold out ages ago btw.

*Please note some have more white than others.

Superb entry of brooding electro and sci-fi Techno. The Exaltics are stealthily creating their own mythology with a string of releases already on Bunker and his own Solar One Music, and this is an important chapter. A-side bookends a wide, scanning electro killer with two dystopian deep space themes, while flipside features a groggy bit of dark alien funk and one brilliant, Reese-driven Detroit House joint.

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