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Scarpa ‎– Wilderness 2LP (Frozen Border LP03)

Scarpa ‎– Wilderness 2LP (Frozen Border LP03)

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It was a remorseless hatred that enslaved a people many millennia ago in the captivity of those who worshiped the sun and the moon and the gods in the stars and of the earth and beneath the earth. In toil and despair the people were flogged and cursed by the searing whip, scorched by the flaming desert sun above and burned by the abrasive sand below their feet. In agony, they cried out for rescue from the malice-bred bondage of the kingdom. "How long?" While ridden with anguish, their captors became plagued with disease and death, and so the enslaved fled. Within a day, they reached the edge of a vast sea from which mountains grew blocking them in on both sides, and as they looked back in terror they witnessed their captor's army quickly approaching. A watery death spread out before them while a spear-pierced death raced in from behind.

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