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Robert Tomaro ‎– Slime City (1988 OST) CS (One Way Static ‎16)

Robert Tomaro ‎– Slime City (1988 OST) CS (One Way Static ‎16)


Main Title
Meeting Nicole
Night Games
Himalayan Yoghurt
Slime Time
Zachary's Legacy

(15 more tracks on tis cassette...)

One Way Static Records in collaboration with Strange Disc Recordings presents ‘Slime City’ (Original 1988 Motion Picture Soundtrack by Robert Tomaro) on cassette tape.

Slime City’ ... The film itself was released in 1988 but the soundtrack has never seen the light of day until now. Slime City is the debut film by cult horror director and author Gregory Lamberson. The story follows Alex, who after moving into his new apartment is seduced by his neighbor and soon turns into a melting ghoul who is forcedto kill innocent victims in order to maintain a normal human physique. Slime City debuted in 1988 and spent months in the NY midnight movie circuit, at the tail end of the grindhouse era. Lamberson creatively made a great film with intense special effects with very limited money and a small crew of dedicated movie fans..

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