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R-Zone 17 - Faramone Agent / Greatest Enemy / Spike

R-Zone 17 - Faramone Agent / Greatest Enemy / Spike


New Year = new R Zone. This time the revivalist rave crew, brutal techno lovers and broken beat brothers—whoever they may be—serve up three more tantalising tracks that are designed simply for high dance floor impact. 
‘Greatest Enemy’ is first and lives in a deep space world where jungliest percussion and pummelling drums are offset with swirling pads and warm synths. It’s an emotional roller coaster that gets followed up by ‘Spike’, a manic and prickly speaker blaster with wild melodies and rave stylings all barely continued by punch and off beat kick drums. Last of all, ‘Faramore Agent’ is in your face with its frazzled bass, skittish percussion and vocal stabs all panning about left and right. One again this is brilliantly all over the place and impossibly visceral music designed to devastate all who hear it. 

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