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R-Zone 13 - Onefourone / Gravity / Stolen Birds

R-Zone 13 - Onefourone / Gravity / Stolen Birds


For their next trick, the anonymous R-Zone crew turn out three darkly engaging cuts that once again look back to a ravey heyday for their inspiration, but at the same time conjure up some refreshing contemporary ideas that will no doubt have dancefloors in raptures.

EP opener 'Onefourone' is an epic end of the night track with big drums, melancholic chords and a sombre sense of finality that makes you think the world could end anytime. 'Gravity' sounds like an invasion from space, with falling synth lines, buried deep drums and clattering percussion all making for a foreboding atmosphere.

'Stolen Birds' fills up the flip side with a groaning and darkwave synth line and cooing birdcalls. As big hi hats come in and glassy tinkles fill in the airwaves, it turns into a stormy affair that is both dancey and cerebral at the same time. As always with R-Zone, this is compelling, creative music that bristles and brims with all sorts of occult charm.

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