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R-Zone 08 - Percept / We Sad II / 303909

R-Zone 08 - Percept / We Sad II / 303909


With this release the mysterious but much loved R-Zone series hits its 8th outing. Still no one quite knows who is behind the music, but that doesn’t matter when it’s as fresh and arresting as this. 

Opening this EP’s account is ‘Percept’, a kinked techno rhythm drowning in scraping percussion, grainy synths and gallivanting basslines. Once you penetrate the textural mist that shrouds the whole arrangement, it’s a heady place to be. ‘We Sad II” is a gurgling acid jam with rattling machine sounds, rubbery basslines and plenty of sonic grit and grime, whilst closer ‘303909’ makes plenty of use of the machines mentioned in its title to conjure up a weighty, dubbed out vibe that’s thick with mystic ambiance and propped up by well swung drums. 

The music on the R-Zone series is as cloaked in intrigue and mystery as the artists who make it: now at its eight chapter, the story continues to confound and impress in equal measure.

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