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R-Zone 06 - Rebecca In The Hall / Romijn Ravine /Night Level II

R-Zone 06 - Rebecca In The Hall / Romijn Ravine /Night Level II


The R-Zone series continues down its avant-garde path with a next EP from another established producer but one who’s name will not be revealed, as is the way with this series. 

The jacking electronics of ‘Rebecca In The Hall’ goes first with a whipping bassline, plenty of jarring machine sounds and nebulous sci-fi synths. The tension is broken with the sensuous cry of a female vocal and from there you are elevated to a higher level of good-time vibes. ‘Romijn Ravine’ then takes us back to the old school – bristling drum breaks, hardcore stabs and crushed hits all mesh around one another to form a dusty, grainy intergalactic sonic trip. 

Closing out the trio of tracks is ‘Night Level II’ which is another fully analogue jam where wiry synths and jacked-up kick drums hustle and bustle with a kinetic energy that sucks you in and drags you along for the ride. It’s another fierce EP with a dense make-up, but one that has many hidden pleasures within.

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