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R-Zone 02 - Rosa Luxemburg / Hair Down

R-Zone 02 - Rosa Luxemburg / Hair Down


“Have you ever stood in a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere with complete strangers desperately looking for a party that may or may not exist? Have you ever wandered around a bombed out illegal warehouse rave at X in the morning on an E come-down? Have you ever stood in limbo between the click of a strobe or between the shards of a dense orange haze that emanates from a fog machine? Floating away on never ending waves of music and substance induced - we may as well call it - LOVE? Where for one brief moment it didn't matter who you are and what you do and how you look or how many scene-points you have? If so then you will remember the R-Zone as a shadowy place that never fully exists yet is always waiting. “ 

“In the whip of a snare, the beat of a kick, the wail of a string or the rush of an arpeggio, in those heart pounding moments of anticipation and in the glorious release of a drop. And then, as those frozen moments echo out and fade into a corner of space-time where nothing seems quite real, you descend among your peers, feeling somehow richer and more enlightened - as if you have been touched by something. You know it can make the world seem an empty place, a barren wasteland devoid of endorphins, where neurotransmitters merely twinkle but never shine. Just remember you are not alone. Others have entered the R-Zone with you and together we may embrace its infinity - as we enter into a new age.” 

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