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Innershades - Dark Society (Creme 12-75)

Innershades - Dark Society (Creme 12-75)


Innershades gets out of Nina's panties and discovers a cold cold world outside.

Innershades is Belgium producer Thomas Blanckaert and now he is back with a new EP on Crème Organization, his third for 2014. His bulky and heavyweight house and techno sound has also come on labels like Wicked Bass and Stay Underground It Pays and across four cuts here he proves he is still full of invention.

Opener 'CVS' is a ravey mid tempo house cut with raw old school stabs, lots of percussive tension and drums that really make you wanna move. Then comes 'Momentum', a dramatic bit of thumping house with thick synth patterns, hooky melodies and emotive pads. The no nonsense vibes continue on 'Dark Society', with its ticking hits, thudding kicks and mysterious, snaking pads. Finally, 'Oase' marries more hefty kicks with classic claps, plenty of reverb and more ravey stabs that will really bring dancefloors out in a sweaty, 90s style. Modern house with a retro bent, this EP is sure-fire club dynamite.

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