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Gunnar Haslam ‎– Athabaskan Languages (Delsin ‎DSRC6)

Gunnar Haslam ‎– Athabaskan Languages (Delsin ‎DSRC6)


A year after his last outing on the label, Gunnar Haslam is back on Delsin with four more tracks of idiosyncratic techno. Before Haslam has also released on LIES and Mister Saturday Night, and each time he does he finds new life and excitement in this most tried and tested form.

Opening up this EP with the title track, Haslam cooks up a spangled brew of erratic synths and spinning hi hats and ties them together with a heavy rubber kick drum. Dynamic and restless, it is a perfect tune to freak out the floor. ‘Sarsi’ is then completely different, with a rippling synth line growing ever more intense as sombre chords stretch out behind. It is a beatless and emotionally forlorn cut that still manages to take you somewhere special.

On the flip, ‘Sirenik’ gets back to deep dance floor business with a scale-climbing bassline and prickly hi hats all moving at an inviting pace. Scurrying alien sounds, distant dub chords and bouncy drums flesh things out and make for an emotional roller coaster before ‘Hellegat’ closes thing out in frenzied, Millsian style. As mad synths dart about like balls in a lottery machine, a creepy sense of tension builds behind and physical drums punch you down low. Each track here is different from the last, and each track here is a refreshing proposition from one of the most interesting guys around.

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