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ÈBONY vs 'R' - Real Truth EP (Jericho One 04)

ÈBONY vs 'R' - Real Truth EP (Jericho One 04)


The vinyl debut of both ÈBONY and 'R'. We at J1 are exceedingly proud to have dug up these pink diamonds from underneath the clean/mean streets of Toronto, only spoken about in muted whispers before, after poignant appearances in Legowelt and DJ TLR sets. Now it's time behold the miracle for yourself, for soon you can drag them back to your lair and hug them like a safety pillow.

Will Lynch from Resident advisor writes:

"In August of last year, Créme Organization sprouted a new sub-label, Jericho One, a platform for dark, physical techno with the kind of rough textures so dear to its founder, DJ TLR. The first three records came from contemporary producers, namely BNJMN, Noface and House Of Black Lanterns. The most recent one is more mysterious, with three tracks by artists named Èbony and 'R.' The label's SoundCloud page describes these productions as "punk diamonds from underneath the clean/mean streets of Toronto"—anything beyond that is anyone's guess. But whoever these artists are, they've put themselves on the map with their storming debut record, Real Truth. 

Èbony delivers the title track, an industrial techno stormer that starts near full-tilt and only grows more intense, piling on yet another snare, another hissing hi-hat, boosting the low-frequencies on the already brutal kick drum. What makes it truly memorable is its haunting vocal performance. "Is he real? I know he's real to me..." a woman sings in sad tones at the beginning, building to a wail as the track's chaos builds around her. 

R's productions are less full-on but still very much for rave-use only. "Focus" is a tense beat tool that erupts in a cascade of searing synths. "Colossus" rides a stuttering groove through a sequence of moods and atmospheres, coming on strong at first, easing the pressure halfway through and then cranking it back up. Sonically, all three are wonderfully vivid, offsetting gravelly textures with smooth metallic ones, evoking grimly beautiful scenes like the one on the record's sleeve. The title track is the obvious show-stopper, but Real Truth is top-tier stuff all around."

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