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E.R. ‎– Qen Sew EP (1432 R)

E.R. ‎– Qen Sew EP (1432 R)


Washington-DC imprint 1432 R continues to go from strength to strength, here with another wide-referencing release from Ethiopian Records on the Letu Sinega EP. As with the debut Qen Sew EP, E.R manages to create an arresting blend of traditional ethnic East-African music and modern electronic production, with the grainy dub-wise beats and yearning vocals of ‘Wede Tshehaye Guzo’ leading into the looping, hand-clap heavy arrangement of ‘Letu Sinega’. On the B-side, ‘Running Shoes’ piles up layers of spliced flute and string drones before settling into a loose, tribal house swing, whereas ‘Terra Firma’ plunges to deeper, more melancholic depths with its yearning chord progression and flute notes.

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