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Drvg Cvltvre - Into The Endless Night 2LP (Pinkman LP-01)

Drvg Cvltvre - Into The Endless Night 2LP (Pinkman LP-01)


Towing the line between divinity and profanity, blurring beauty and debasement, is Drvg Cvltvre. Following Offender Status and Gauwvuur is an eight track album: Into the Endless Night. From the guttural emotion of “Where Embers Die” to the bleak ferocity of “Brakes are Death”, a complex and hardened array is on display. Buried angst is never far away. “There Were Rumours” flexes with embittered bars before the unrefined purity of “Jericho Flats.” Respite from this whirring carnival is a rarity, relief from the see­sawing serration of “Shock Corridor” or rollicking jeer of “Charge of the Haploids.” But there is reprieve, radiance breaks through. “Into the Endless Night” pulses with brightening hope, one which is reflected in the gritty finale of “Winnerden Flats.” Heartening warmth piercing the hail. Balancing on the precipice, an album of scared and soulful sounds from this dark­eyed light in modern electronic music.

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