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Der Zyklus - Biometry 2LP (Clone Aqualung 005)

Der Zyklus - Biometry 2LP (Clone Aqualung 005)


Re-issue of the classic album by Heinrich Mueller. Originally released in the early 00's (2004 to be precise) which basicly was deep into the future for everyone born before 1980. Techno was still about innovation, stepping into the future, going ahead, updated technologies, exploring the new. Like previous releases Heinrich Mueller takes inspiration from latest technologies and developments. For this album he had support from Biometric systems Gmbh in Bayern, Germany. He was allowed to visit their laboratories and gather information of biometric research (which at that time was the latest developments in human interaction with hi-technology). The results are 11 tracks that are a brilliant abstract reflection of these new technologies and the effective practical use of these techniques in our daily live. Heinrich Mueller takes his musical journey further away from his well-known early Dopplereffekt releases and several side projects and merges those early projects with hi-technology applications available for modern studio engineering. The full length album shows the dark emotions and also the energy and positive feelings which come with new technological applications. These 11 tracks are a selection of musical arrangements with and without rhythmical structures. It’s a collection of abstract interpretations and expressions of human emotions during a period of discovering the latest scientifically applications (in general) and finding new information about the possibilities of biometrical identification in 2004. Actually 3 years into the future if we consider 2001 the fruition of the idea of the future for the 70 and 80's generation. And it was just before or maybe even right at the moment that techno music lost its focus on the future and became retrospective. This album is the future.

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