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R-Zone 16 - Lumidei / Dédale D'or / Mynheer / Skagerrak

R-Zone 16 - Lumidei / Dédale D'or / Mynheer / Skagerrak


New mysterious heat from the R-Zone vaults! The R Zone series excels at raw, inventive, off kilter club music from a range of mysterious artists. That fine tradition continues once more here with another four cuts of inventive music that takes cues from techno, IDM, acid and house. Lumidei is all wonky drums and out of time hits and is a brilliantly weird cut full of spacious atmospherics. Mynheer is built on a bed of broken beats, knocking hits and metallic textures that all tumble and fall around loosely and invitingly. Dédale d´or then takes you on a trip through the outer edges of the universe with rough hits and drums scraping out a groove as big, bold synth chords add an air of melancholy and finality to proceedings. Things close out with Skagerrak, a perfectly roughhewn drum track that is backed with sensuous synths and lots of cosmic moods. Arresting and compelling, this yet is another unique R Zone release that cannot fail to stand out in any DJ set.

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