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Conrad Schnitzler & Borngräber & Strüver ‎– Con-Struct (M=minimal ‎007)

Conrad Schnitzler & Borngräber & Strüver ‎– Con-Struct (M=minimal ‎007)


Con-Struct 1
Con-Struct 2
Con-Struct 3
Con-Struct 4
Con-Struct 5
Con-Struct 6
Con-Struct 7
Con-Struct 8

Following essential reissues of 'Zug' and 'Ballet Statique', the latest Conrad Schnitzler album from M=Minimal is in fact produced by contemporary kosmische duo Borngraber & Struever, using sounds culled from the 74-year-old's vast tape library, which contains recordings of synthesizer experiments going back 40 years. As anyone who's heard Ballet Statique or any other Con classics will know, his music sounds as futuristic now as it did back in the 70s - any misguided attempt to "modernise" it would ironically result only in the creation of something dated. Credit to B&S then, that they don't tamper too much with the archival fragments themselves, but instead arrange them into completely new and original configurations that display a deep understanding of, and respect for, their hero's own preternaturally advanced approach to sound design. The album was constructed at Studi Wannsee, the audio procesed with analogue equipment - not just classic synthesizers and outboard equipment, but also custom-built tube gear. The results are just astonishing, accentuating the proto-techno quality of Schnitzler's work without overbaking it: from sub-low drone-scapes to urgent 4/4 pulsation via heart-stoppingly pretty ambient passages, the eight tracks here are just pure joy for ears attuned to quality electronic music, and Con-struct is much, much more than a remix album

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