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Who R we?

Welcome to the West Coast Sound of Space! This is the official outlet of record labels Creme Organization, R-Zone and Jericho one. Here you will find our most up to date and extensive online catalogue as well as some selected items from related labels and artists.

Established in 1996 as a collective that organized parties in the Dutch West Coast Area of Leiden and The Hague, Global Darkness morphed into an online portal and electronic music forum and gained cult status in the early 2000's. Initially connected with The Hague's Bunker Records, it gave birth to it's own label Creme Organization and over a decade later to sister labels R-Zone and Jericho One. Alas, with the coming of age of the internet, first with the rise of Web 2.0 and more recently with the dominance of various Social Media and content giants, the influence and activity of Global Darkness dwindled and almost became obsolete.

Meanwhile the crew remained active producing and selling records thru various online mailorders as well as Ebay and Discogs, so the obvious choice was to take the old domain out of the mothballs and revamp it to align with our passion: presenting quality music to a niche audience.

Here the story comes full circle. We have always believed in the power of music, our own quality measure and that of the people around us. We try to avoid outright commercialism in favor of a more personal approach with creativity as the focal point. Don't expect our little store to be complete or to be the first to stock all the latest releases. Instead trust a certain level of quality and coherence in our selection, which - if you're into roughly the same things as we are - means you will always find something interesting on our virtual shelves.

We believe in supporting our scene, the artists and labels involved and in creating an alternative to the many corporate backed ultra targeted faux grassroots media. Ironic we should use platforms like Shopify, Soundcloud and Youtube you say? Indeed, but we're not at war with the Internets and nowadays these are resources we cannot create ourselves. We like to think of it as a house; even if you can't build one singlehandedly it's still nice to live in one init? Our doors are open and you're welcome to stay as long as you like.

- Global Darkness 2016

Meanwhile, in 2000AD ...


That was then, this is now. We support Godspill, Intergalactic FM and Murdercaptial, Clone Records Family, Bunker Records and Acidplanet, Legowelt Music, Long Island Electrical Systems Family, Trilogy Tapes Family, Wichelroede, Dark Entries, No More Words, Rush Hour Amsterdam Family and everyone who is trying to create something lasting in this turbulent industry, as it happens there are too many of you to list here individually!