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Creme CS02 - Kӣr - Live At Medika Zagreb Casette, Out now!

Cassette Creme Organization Kӣr

Released in a limited edition of 70 copies, available mailorder only. Artwork made by Kӣr and printed on heavy duty paper. Recorded live during an Ekstrakt party, in the legendary Medika squat in downtown Zagreb. Listen to an excerpt below.

KӣR is the production moniker of WhyBaneWhy, resident DJ of Belgrade’s dankest of technoclub, Drug§tore. WhyBaneWhy’s sets incorporate a wide range of influences and travel far off the beaten path, drawing in influences from techno to new wave to power electronics, obscure ambient, folk music, twisted echoes found deep in lost wormholes and whatever else it takes to distort your feelings, lost and disorientated whilst working up a sweat. KӣR takes all this and pushes the envelope with punishing hardware. Its visceral music, embracing drones, repetition, rippling soundscapes and obscure sonic horizons, to boldly go where others throw in the towel.

Get it here!

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