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Welcome to the West Coast Sound of Space! This is the official outlet of record labels Creme Organization, R-Zone and Jericho one. Here you will find our most up to date and extensive online catalogue as well as some selected items from related labels and artists.

There Is No Authority But Yourself (T-SHIRT) BACK IN!
Tripeo ‎– Nargy EP (Clone Basement Series ‎017)
Tracey ‎– Skyfall (Voyage Direct 27)
Device Control - Device Control (LIES 31.5)
Various ‎– Ron Hardy Edits #17 (RDY 17)
Fabio Monesi - Riot EP (Creme 12-96)
Ekman - Doomsday Argument EP (Creme 12-95)
Beverly Hills 808303 (T-SHIRT)
Intergalactic FM - Toxic Nebula Series #4 (T-SHIRT)
Acid Planet - Logo (T-SHIRT)
Murder Capital - Sunset Logo (T-SHIRT)
Intergalactic FM - Ltd Edition Galaxia Wife Beater (T-SHIRT)
Intergalactic FM - Toxic Nebula Series #3 (T-SHIRT)
Murder Capital Sunset Slipmat
The Other People Place ‎ft Mystic Tribe A.I. – Sorrow & A Cup Of Joe (Clone Aqualung 27)
Detto Mariano ‎– Striker (Film Sonoro) numbered green (Stella Edizioni Musicali ‎85018)
DJ Skull ‎– N.R.G. Music (Saber Records ‎3008)
DJ Joe Lewis ‎– Survival EP (Clone Classic Cuts ‎33)
Hellboii ‎– Darkest Hour - Part I (Panzerkreuz 1018)
Alden Tyrell - Vorm Variaties 1 (Clone Basement Series 26.1)
Orbe ‎– Uniformity (Hivern Discs ‎042)
Fiero ‎– Modus Operandi (Giallo Disco 021)
Delta Funktionen ‎– Junior High School Excursion To The Parallel World 2LP (Radio Matrix ‎10)
Larry Heard ‎– 25 Years from Alpha (Alleviated Records, Black Market Records)
Larry Heard ‎– Missing You (Alleviated Records ‎2215)
Mr. Fingers ‎– Outer Acid EP (Alleviated Records ‎2231)
Pyramid Lake ‎– Unravel (Tamed Musiq ‎006)
Retrograde Youth ‎– Earth Disorders Part 1 (Radio Matrix 08)
Antenna, Mark Du Mosch ‎– Nokia / Heights Machine (Baltermore ‎002)
Rhythim Is Rhythim ‎– Icon / Kao-Tic Harmony (Vince Watson Reconstructions) (MS‎091)